Sonic Prime teaser trailer Netflix release date winter 2022 Eggman Shadow the Hedgehog enemy threat

After months of what could easily already be described as teases, Netflix has released the Sonic Prime teaser trailer ahead of its release window in winter 2022. And true to its name, it’s yet another short glimpse at the 3D animated series that doesn’t reveal a whole lot. It’s 40 seconds of Sonic the Hedgehog running around, coming into mild conflict with Shadow the Hedgehog, and confronting a traditional giant robot piloted by Eggman. The animation looks perfectly respectable, and the three-ish environments glimpsed look fine. The only story information provided is this short tag line: “He’s fast. He’s tough. He’ll shatter your world.”

That lines up with the original, vague plot synopsis provided for Sonic Prime back in February 2021, where Sega and Netflix described the series as a family-friendly “journey of self-discovery and redemption” and a “race to save the universe.” We have yet to actually see any of that though, including in today’s Sonic Prime teaser trailer. Instead, we have seen character reveals, such as for cool dudes like Big the Cat.

Sonic Prime has 24 confirmed episodes, and it remains to be seen if they will drop all at once this winter or if it will be released in chunks, similar to what is going on with The Cuphead Show! and a handful of other Netflix series.

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