Sony Admits Incomplete PS3 DLC Causing Red Dead Redemption Bugs


A slip-up by Sony caused the Wild West to be a little less wild for some PlayStation 3 owners.

The Hunting and Trading pack for Red Dead Redemption is a pretty small piece of DLC in terms of raw megabytes, but the PS3 version was a little too small, leading to some pretty interesting bugs for people who downloaded it.

The main problem, which seems to have been the catalyst for everything else, is that the incomplete download can reset the game’s “Days Passed” counter to -2. This means that anything that relies on time in the game – which is just about everything – can potentially go awry. Missions can’t be started or retried, gang hideouts will be empty and the player will be told to come back later regardless of what time it is, and only a handful of the different types of random encounters will spawn. You can read a full list of the reported problems on the official PlayStation blog.

Sony has apologized to anyone affected by the error, which seems to be limited to just the UK, and has now uploaded the correct version of the pack to the PSN store. To check which version you have, go to the “Game Data Utility” section of the “Game” tab in the XMB and choose Red Dead Redemption. The incomplete pack will be just 15MB in size, whereas the complete pack will be 59MB. If you do have the incomplete pack, delete it, then re-download the right one. Sony says that this will not affect your progress in the game at all, and you’ll be able to play as if nothing had happened.

Source: 1up

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