Sony and Namco Bandai Form Cellius


Sony and Namco Bandai team to form new game studio headed by Ken Kutaragi.

Sony and Namco Bandai have partnered to found Cellius Inc., a studio dedicated to developing “new entertainment content” for the Cell Broadband Engine, most commonly used as the parallel processor in the Playstation 3. Cellius will extend its development reach into a variety of home appliances, such as new Toshiba televisions.

Ken Kutaragi, the father of the PlayStation, will serve as Cellius’s chairman. Fellow board members include Sony Computer Entertainment Deputy President Akira Sato and Namco Bandai’s Shin Unosawa. Namco producer Isao Nakamura, who has led the Ridge Racer series, has been signed as the managing executive. Company shares are split 51 percent Namco Bandai and 49 percent Sony. Cellius will open its doors on March 6.

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