Sony Brings Dirt-Cheap Video Rentals Back to the PS3


Select PlayStation Network movies are now available for $0.99.

Reviving a three-year-old rental plan, Sony announced PS3 owners can once again rent designated PSN content for a discounted price. These movies will be available in standard definition for $0.99 and in high definition for $1.99. Content purchased through this promotion will follow Sony’s standard 14-day rental policy.

Just last month, Sony ran a limited test run with slashed prices for Saw, Crank, Pi, and Employee of the Month. Apparently it was pleased with the results.

From August 16-22, the following hodgepodge of cut-rate content will be available:

Bonded By Blood, Carver, Deadly Blessing, Devil in the Flesh (aka Teacher’s Pet 2), Illuminating Angels and Demons, JFK: Reckless Youth (Parts 1 and 2), The Longshots, Salvage, Shank, Sicko, and Tony.

Sony promises to refresh the list every Tuesday, so if the current crop doesn’t suit you (I can’t imagine why), maybe next week will be better.

What do you think? With cheap, content-rich services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Vudu available, can you see yourself renting via PSN?

Sources: GamePro, Gamasutra

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