Sony Europe: PVR Was Not Definite, No New Game “Overload”


Sony SCEA head David Reeves said the PS3’s recently-unveiled DVR accessory was not assured from the outset and that the company is trying not to overwhelm consumers with new titles.

“The PVR – it looks simple, but within it there’s a lot of licenses that you have to obtain. Sometimes you’re just not sure if you’re going to get that license,” Reeves said.

He further noted that, because of a bureaucratic maze of independent license-issuing bodies, it was not clear whether the console would actually have recording functionality.

Questioned about the lack of new game announcements at the Leipzig conference, Reeves offered the novel explanation that too many games too soon is too much.

“I think what we want to do is just to make sure that people are focused on five or six games that we’re bringing out, and showcasing also things like Metal Gear Solid and FIFA as we did yesterday,” Reeves said.

Previously, Sony officials boasted that several hundred games would be available by March of next year.


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