Sony Executives Shuffle Positions


Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has announced that Kaz Hirai will be moving back to Japan to take over as president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc (SCEI). Jack Tretton is now the president and CEO of SCEA and former SCEI president Ken Kutaragi will be chairman and group CEO.

Following months of ups and downs for the Playstation brand, Sony has announced a number of moves within the entertainment division. Most notable is Ken Kutaragi moving from day to day operations to the position of chairman and CEO. The new role sounds like a promotion, but the position is not traditionally a vocal one in Sony’s structure. Few people have probably heard of former chairman Tamotsu Iba, who held the position since 2002.

With Kutaragi in a new position and out of the spotlight, it falls to Kaz Hirai to manage the Playstation brand on a worldwide basis. Sony’s Jack Tretton will take Hirai’s spot in North America.

“I am determined to build upon the momentum that Kaz and the entire SCEA staff has developed for the entire PlayStation family of products here in the US over the years,” said Tretton. “Moving forward, we will remain focused on the continued market leadership of the PlayStation brand, driving consumer demand for the new PS3, and existing platforms such as PSP and PS2, which continue to excel in the marketplace.”

With a former head of North America now in charge of the Playstation brand worldwide and a North American heading up SCEA, it seems clear that Sony is focusing on the West in the new generation.

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