Sony Head Drops Hints on PS3 Price Cut


Sony’s top man drops some hints on PlayStation 3 price cuts and delivers some backhanded compliments to the competition.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Sony CEO Sir Horward Stringer said his company was attempting to “refine” just how heavily it could realistically cut the cost of the PlayStation 3.

The Sony head said there was “no question” consumers desired a lower price point and hinted that a decision would predate the holiday season. He predicted a breakthrough through the holidays as dozens more titles are released for the platform.

Stringer dismissed concerns about the console’s sales, saying it trends well with the early performance of its predecessors. He also said the Wii operated on a good business model, but was complementary and not competitive.

As to the possibility that the Wii was outpacing Sony’s product in sales simply because it is more fun to play, Stringer responded in no uncertain terms: “No, no, no, no.”

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