Sony Registers “PlayStation Move” for Motion Controller?


The PlayStation Arc/Wand/Gem/Whatever may finally have an actual name – and a logo.

As of last week, all signs were pointing to the official name of Sony’s motion controller being “PlayStation Arc” – but a wrench was thrown into the works by an existing Microsoft trademark.

Now, after undoubtedly-frantic scrambling to think of a new name in Sony’s boardrooms, we may have a new name for the Sony motion wand: PlayStation Move. The name was registered yesterday in Europe, along with the image you see here to the right. Frankly, I don’t really see how this would be a “M” for Move at all (“A” for Arc, yes), but maybe it’s not supposed to be a letter at all?

It’s not quite as interesting or as futuristic-sounding a name as “Arc” was – thought at least it’s not the development title – but I suppose that with the device scheduled to debut today at GDC, Sony had to move very quick to come up with a new one.

“PlayStation Move,” eh? Will it catch the public’s proverbial eye?

(Via Edge)

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