Sony Shifts Over a Million Moves in Europe


Sales for Sony’s new motion controller are actually much higher than predicted, says Sony Europe boss Andrew House.

Some core gamers are quick to dismiss motion controllers as gimmicks doomed to an embarrassing and ignoble end. But in defiance of a lot of expectations, including its own, Sony has sold around 1.5 million units of its new motion controller Move, since its launch last month in Europe alone.

Sony had previously been cautious about Move’s early sales, saying that it wasn’t a “pre-order product” and that getting a massive first month wasn’t really the focus. Speaking with business site Bloomberg, House said that sales for Move had actually taken Sony by surprise, being much higher than it had projected, and would probably result in the company upping production.

Sony’s marketing strategy for Move was fairly low key, although Sony Worldwide Studio’s boss Shuhei Yoshida did admit last month that having Kinect to compare against made the job of marketing Move easier. We’ll got a couple of months to wait until we’ll know if Microsoft has done similarly well with Kinect, but it’s marketing spend is much higher and retailers reporting that they have more pre-orders than they have first day stock would seem to be a good sign.

Source: via CVG

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