Sony Shows Off How Weather and Time of Day Affect Gameplay in Days Gone


A new trailer shows off an alternate approach to the Days Gone gameplay demo Sony showed off at E3.

Remember that Days Gone demo that Sony showed off at E3? Well, it turns out that what was shown on stage is just one way to approach that situation in-game. Sony has released a new video that shows off an alternate method.

Not only does the time of day affect how the game looks, but it also affects how the enemies behave. Weather also has an effect. In the trailer above, you’ll hear the game’s creative director, John Garvin, explain that “Especially the freakers, they’re mostly nocturnal, but they will come out as the weather gets colder. They become stronger in the cold. So that will, again, change up the way the game plays.”

There’s still no word on when Days Gone is coming to PS4, so enjoy the trailer, and stay tuned for more info.

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