Sony to Investigate PSN Login, Friends List, and Store Issues On PS3 and PS4


Sony is aware that users are having problems with logging in to the PlayStation Network and are investigating.

If you were planning on spending your holiday time gaming on your PlayStation 3 or PS4, chances are you’ve encountered an issue or two when it comes to logging in, buying something on the PlayStation Network or even checking to see who among your friends are online. In a post on the PlayStation forums PlayStation Support forum user “Unicorn–Justice” has mentioned that Sony is aware of the problems and posted the following message.

Hello PlayStation Community,

We have noticed various reports of connection issues with PSN including, but not limited to friends lists, game download, purchase, and login issues. We are aware of the issues and we appreciate your patience while we investigate.


Checking the forums itself, you can see topics created by irate users experiencing various problems that all pertain to PSN not working as intended, which is a shame for those who want to pour in some online multiplayer during the holidays.

Based on my own experience, I could log in just fine, but I can’t access my friend’s list, nor can I play online multiplayer on the PS4. Hopefully, this is just a case of PSN being hammered with new users and not something more sinister, since some people have yet to forget 2011’s big PSN incident.

Can you log in to the PlayStation Network now? If so, can you also set up Party Chats and play multiplayer? Let us know what’s happening on your end.

Source: Official PlayStation Forums via GameZone

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