Sony Wants Your Help Bringing PSone Games To European PSN


Remember that PSone game you always wanted but was never released in your territory? Well, Sony wants your input about what games it should bring to the European PSN.

Games that are never released outside of their original countries are often the bane of gamers. While region-locked titles aren’t quite as common as they used to be, there are still a number of PSone games that never made it to Europe after they were first put out in Japan and/or North America. However, that’s about to change.

A new post on the PlayStation Blog revealed that a number of games are being brought over to the European PSN, but it didn’t announce what titles were going to appear. Instead, Sony asked for readers to provide suggestions for what games to include, and the company would then talk to the publishers of the most-requested titles about possibly releasing them in Europe.

Aside from being published “as is” with either English or Japanese languages (depending on availability), the titles will reportedly run at 60 Hz, Sony had the following to say:

“If a PAL version of a title has been unable to pass QA in SCEE, but the NTSC version is already available on the PlayStation Store in SCEA or SCEJ, we can look at publishing that version instead.

“We cannot simply take the US version and publish it immediately, as it has to be reprocessed for SCEE, but at least we know the title should already be relatively bug-free.

“Please note: This does not mean we can publish titles that have not legally cleared for release in SCEE territories as a result of expired licenses, etc.”

So, if you’re over in Europe and have been dying to play a game that wasn’t originally available in your territory, it sounds like this is your chance to change this.

What games are you planning to request?

Source: PlayStation Blog via Eurogamer

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