Sony’s New Puppet Game Puts You on The Moon


Puppeteer is definitely one for the Brothers Grimm fanboys out there.

The Moon Bear King wants your soul, and to get it back you’ll have to make a deal with a Witch to steal the King’s Calibrus scissors in this new PlayStation IP. This action platformer has a slice of Little Big Planet running through it, but it reminded me not a little of the Brothers Grimm. Or at least, the Brothers Grimm as seen through the eyes of Jim Henson.

You play as Kutaro, one of the unfortunate children whose soul – and therefore head – ends up in the Moon Bear King’s belly. This enables one of the game’s feature mechanics: head switching. You can change your head any time you choose and each has special powers; but lose a head, and you lose a life. The addition of a lives mechanic may not please everyone, but attached to the head gimmick a lives system might add to the fun this time rather than take it away.

No word on a release date for this PS3 title, as they’re still putting Puppeteer together. In fact, they haven’t even got voice actors yet. “I apologize for the voices in the trailer,” said Art Director Gavin Moore on the PlayStation blog. “It’s a little embarrassing because all of the voices are done by me, apart from the narrator.” They’re due to start casting in London soon, though Moore has asked fans who would like him to play the Witch to say so in this comments thread. Personally I liked all the voices in this one, but who am I to argue with an Art Director?

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