Sopranos Swearing Scenes: An Epic F-Bomb Extravaganza


Victor Solomon has created a decidedly surreal experience by assembling a video montage of every single swear word uttered across the entirety of The Sopranos television series – in chronological order.

The Sopranos, in case you didn’t know, was an HBO drama that followed the exploits of the New Jersey-based DiMeo crime family, headed by Tony Soprano. Running for six seasons, the show followed Soprano’s home life and criminal career, and was noted for its realistic portrayal of organized crime. As you might expect, violence and bad language featured prominently.

The show ended in June 2007, and has since been licensed to run on channels like A&E, where the generous F-bombs and other colorful terminology has been censored out. To let viewers know what they’re missing (and presumably because he’s an obsessive and/or bored fan), Solomon combed the entire series for salty language and strung it all together in a single, fast-paced video.

“For those of you watching The Sopranos on A&E, here’s what you’re missing,” he wrote on his website. “This is every single curse, from every single episode of The Sopranos, ever.”

Just how much cursing went on in the show? Enough so that even at a machine-gun-staccato pace with absolutely no pauses or breaks, the video runs over 27 minutes in length. That’s nearly a half-hour of nothing but rapid-fire cursing. It’s as funny as you’d expect if you’re amused by that sort of thing, but after awhile the hilarity fades and it grow hypnotic, as the words blend into an almost unintelligible rise and fall of musical profanity.

It really can’t be described. This is something that needs to be experienced first hand, which you can do via Vimeo or at Solomon’s personal website. And although it should go without saying, the video is incredibly inappropriate for work, children and anyone who recoils at the sound of harsh language. Enjoy!

via: Boing Boing

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