Sorry Japan, Your PSN is Still Down


Japanese PS3 owners still cannot access the PlayStation Store after more than two months of PSN downtime.

Just in case you’ve been living under an Xbox, one of the biggest videogame industry stories this year revolved around external intrusions into Sony servers that caused the company to shut down the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment MMOs for three weeks. That is, if you live in North America or Europe. In Japan, parts of the PlayStation Network are still down, with no restart in sight.

The hold up is believed to be related to concerns from credit card companies and the Japanese government. Sony had hoped to get the PlayStation Store back up in the region by the end of May, but that quite obviously didn’t happen. The PSN was restored in other regions of the world on May 14, while the PlayStation Store returned on June 2.

Sony recently issued a notice for its Japanese PSN customers with an update on the situation. In the notice, Sony once again apologizes for the delay in the PlayStation Store’s return, but says that more time is still needed to “make adjustments” with the parties involved.

The report came with no estimate on when the Store would return. For those keeping track, the PSN has been down for more than two months in Japan as of this writing. Sony must be in some very hot water in the land of the rising sun, and along with its partners is suffering with a ton of lost business.

Source: Andriasang

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