This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Soul Hackers 2.

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Well, go on then, Yahtz, compare Soul Hackers 2 to Persona 5. Since Persona 5 is the only anime JRPG that hasn’t made you want to vomit lace doilies into its grotesquely oversized eye sockets, and Soul Hackers 2 also happens to be an anime JRPG. That’s also published by Atlus. And also prominently features hanging out with party members to increase your friendship level with them alongside the requisite dungeon crawling. And that’s also a spinoff from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. And that also has turn based combat based around fighting the exact same roster of demons that every SMT game has as well as recruiting them to use their power and merging them into new demons. And also because it prominently features dungeons based on the internal psyches of some of the characters and specifically subway tunnels for some reason. And also because you can literally dress up the main characters as characters from Persona 5 – Christ you’re predictable sometimes. Seriously though, Atlus, what is it with you and this one specific ladder of monsters that starts with Pixie and ends with Satan? Fucking hell, at least Pokemon hacks out a few new fuckers now and again when plushie sales are down.

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