South Korea Rates Diablo 3


Diablo 3 finally has a rating in South Korea.

For what felt like years [but was apparently just a month or so], the world held its collective breath waiting for South Korea’s Game Rating Board to give the thumbs-up to Diablo 3. The GRB reportedly had issues with the auction house, which it felt was too close to gambling, and while it’s hardly unusual for one country or another to ban one videogame or another, the concern in this case was that Blizzard’s plan for a simultaneous, world-wide release of the game could be held up if the GRB refused to allow the game into South Korea.

All is well now, however, as the Game Rating Board has given Diablo 3 a Google-translated 18+ rating, clearing the path for the planned, hopefully not-too-long-now, launch. It has to be a bummer for Korean teens waiting anxiously for the game but “mature” gamers around the world – it’s rated “M” in North America and will probably get something comparable from PEGI – will no doubt breathe at least a shallow sigh of relief. What convinced the board to give the game the green light after two prior rejections isn’t known.

Diablo 3 was recently re-confirmed for consoles as well as the PC and is currently slated to come out sometime in early 2012 – probably any day now, right?

Source: Dualshockers

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