Southern Bastards Variant Cover Denounces the Confederate Flag

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Southern Bastards artist Jason Latour has created a special cover for the comic’s next issue featuring a dog eating the Confederate flag.

Whether you’re for or against the continued use of the Confederate flag, there’s no denying that June was not a good month for the symbol of Southern rebellion. Tossed once more into the limelight by the horrific church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s been at the center of arguments between people who value it as a piece of heritage and those who want it removed from use by state governments and public officials.

Standing among the latter is Jason Latour. The artist behind writer Jason Aaron’s small-town crime/football comic Southern Bastards, Latour found himself feeling particularly affected by the shootings in Charleston and the debate over the Confederate flag. This came to a personal head after a pair of activists were arrested for scaling a flagpole outside of the South Carolina capital building and removing a Confederate flag hanging there. Responding to this, Latour created a special variant cover for Southern Bastards issue 10 featuring a dog shredding the flag. Accompanying the imagery will be the words “Death to the Flag. Long live the South.”

It’s Latour and Aaron’s hope that they’ll be offer proceeds from the sale of the special variant cover to the victims of the Charleston shootings. Even if they can’t do that however, they’ve at least succeeded in making a strong statement about where they stand on this divisive issue. A much stronger statement even than doing something silly like banning Civil War games because they include the flag.

Southern Bastards issue 10 will hit stores on July 15th.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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