Spanish Shadow Puppet Batman Stars In The Killing Joke


By all rights it shouldn’t work, yet somehow this Spanish-language, shadow puppet adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic comic The Killing Joke is spot-on.

Fair warning, if you haven’t read The Killing Joke you may want to do that before you watch this clip. Even en español the video will likely spoil some pretty huge events in the Batman canon, and like Moore’s Watchmen, this comic is essentially required reading for any fans of Bruce Wayne.

That aside, I’m really, really impressed by how well this whole thing works (and doubly so given that it was a student project). When I read the description on Comics Alliance, I had no faith that a comic book as steeped in atmosphere and subtlety as The Killing Joke could translate to a medium based on grandiose, suggestive movements, and yet here I am, now convinced that the only thing that could possibly make this better is the addition of Kevin Conroy’s non-union Mexican equivalent.

As for what this has to do with videogames, well, um … Batman: Arkham City just came out. So, that’s a thing, right? Tangential!

Straight up, it was either this or an editorial counterpoint to the whole “please don’t swear at fictional ladies” debacle. Papercraft Dark Knight beats overt token feminism. You can’t argue the math.

Source: Comics Alliance

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