Splitfish Announces Force Feedback System for Nex-Gen Gaming


Splitfish Gameware Inc. announced its new force feedback system for the PS3 and other next generation consoles.

Previous “mass force feedback systems” could potentially interfere with the Sixaxis controller’s signal, so Splitfish changed their approach to force feedback technology. This new technology, called SensorFX, was designed to work with the tilt, motion and directional systems already used in next-gen controllers. SensorFX uses very little power, has no moving parts, and is used to create sensory effects like experiencing variations in collisions in a racing game. The player should feel the difference between sliding against a guardrail and slamming head first into a wall.

The SensorFX feedback system will be sold as an add-on to existing controllers, or as an embedded feature on new controllers. The PS3 add-on type is plugged into the USB port on the Sixaxis controller.

SensorFX will have two modes: one for games that have force feedback technology support, and another mode that uses motion tilt sensing or buttons to trigger tactile feedback.

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