Splosion Man Splodes Cheater’s Scores


Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel has implemented an update that wipes (or splodes) cheater’s scores off the Splosion Man leaderboards, just in time for a contest that will test your genuine sploding skill.

Splosion Man cheaters, your time of reckoning has come. Splodejement Day, as Splosion Man dev Twisted Pixel are calling it, is here in the form of a title update that will effectively wipe all the cheated scores that have been mucking up the Splosion Man leaderboards on Xbox Live Arcade. The update was released early this morning, and should leave the leaderboards with nothing but legitimate scores.

Unfortunately the power of this technology might be a little too much for the world to handle. Splodenet, as Twisted Pixel CEO Frank Wilson calls it, could mean the beginning of a new age: “It goes on-line August 31st, 2009. Human decisions are removed from leaderboard defense. Splodenet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Pacific Time, September 1st. There is no score but what we earn for ourselves.”

Will the benefit of getting cheats off our leaderboards be worth the cost of dooming humanity to oppression at the hands of self-aware robot overlords? I only hope that we won’t find out before Twisted Pixel wraps up its “Speedy Splode” contest, which will award the player with the best time in the single-player level 3-8 stage between September 6 and 12th with a Splosion Man statue and an autographed poster. Those things are sure to be useful during the robot apocalypse.

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