Square Enix Melds Ninjas With Smash Bros. and Contra


Square Enix has revealed Necromachina, an apocalyptic co-op ninja brawler.

Square Enix is bringing a surprise called Necromachina to E3 that involves futuristic ninjas in a post-apocalyptic world. The game was just revealed this week for Japanese release under the name Moon Diver, but has been confirmed for other regions as Necromachina.

Necromachina is a four player co-op brawler that looks like a mish-mash of Smash Bros. and Contra. Players can choose from four unique characters, including one notable female with an awesome eyepatch. After watching the game’s trailer, it’s not surprising she accidentally put her eye out one day.

Gameplay looks fast-paced and filled with jumping, slashing, climbing, and what appear to be explosive team-up attacks. The giant bosses definitely don’t look like pushovers, including a fiery phoenix, massive bull, and weird spaceship-looking thingie. The trailer’s music sure makes me want to scream “Mortal Kombaaaat!”

Necromachina will be a digital download released through Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network for now.

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