Square Enix Releasing Dragon Quest Inspired Floor Mats

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RPGs will be just a toe-touch away thanks to Square Enix’s Dragon Quest floormats.

Have you ever wished you could live in an RPG? It’s okay if you have; we’ve all been there. Sometimes a good role-playing game is just so danged enthralling that it’s hard to walk away from it after the credits roll. You just find yourself wanting more, wanting something tangible that feel, touch or even just step on. That in mind, Dragon Quest fans looking interested in bringing a piece of the game home might be interested in Square Enix new line of 8-bit floor mats.

The floor mats in question will come in three designs based on terrain tiles from the games. The available mats will include a portal, a staircase and a poison swamp. The mats themselves will be made from acrylic fiber and will each measure 20-inches by 20-inches. As an added bonus for purchasers, each mat will come with a redeemable code that will unlock a digital version of their chosen floor mat they can use in Dragon Quest X. That game is, of course, currently only available in Japan, but we won’t knock a bonus just because we can’t use it. The floor mats can be ordered online and cost between $13-$23 depending on where you buy them.

As nifty as these are on their own, we can imagine some interesting alternative uses for them. For instance, picture a LARP session played on a real-world 8-bit map. Granted, the cost of such an endeavor would probably be prohibitively astronomical and Square Enix would need to release a few more tile types to make it doable, but the potential fun would easily be worth the cash and hassle.

Source: Technabob

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