Square-Enix Unveils Project: Cube


Square has revealed its new Xbox Live Arcade game, and it’s not an RPG, but, in true XBLA fashion, a dual analog stick shooter.

It appears that the new Western-friendly Square-Enix is here in full force, as the house that once was known exclusively for its mega-JRPGs full of melodramatic plots and ten minute super move animations is no longer just that. Square-Enix now releases things like PC war strategy title Order of War. And, for its continuing foray into the waters of Xbox Live Arcade development, the company is releasing a game from that most Xbox Live Arcade-y of genres, the dual-stick shooter.

It’s called Project: Cube, and controls like Robotron or Geometry Wars, as far as I can tell from the trailer. The action takes place in an arena, with players controlling a character who can fire blue lasers against enemies who fire red lasers. Lasers seem to be slow-moving and hang in the air, allowing your character to dodge and move around them. Whenever you score a hit, with your weapon or otherwise, your target explodes, leaving a huge mess of blood on the floor.

The game will feature multiplayer modes like co-op and versus with four people per team over Xbox Live.

Project: Cube doesn’t look bad at all – it looks pretty fun – you just would never guess it’s a Square-Enix game. No details on when this will come out or whether it’ll make its way to other systems. Check out the trailer above.

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