Stampede Through Liberty City in GTA IV‘s Elephant Mod


Stampy cosplayers rejoice! Your trumpets can explode cars in GTA IV.

Clearly what Grand Theft Auto IV needs is more elephants, and this video allows those of you with Stampy cosplay fantasies to live the dream. That includes driving cars, blowing up the law and generally making a nuisance of yourself in a never-ending quest to become Public Elephant Number One.

The same user – a Swede from Gothenburg – has come up with GTA IV giraffe, dragon and Batombile videos, among others. He usually relies on other sources for the actual mod, and puts the subject through its paces for YouTube amusement. The mod isn’t perfect; you can clearly see the underlying avatar in several shots, and the swimming section just looks odd. That said, the pure joy of blasting your enemies with one high-explosive trumpet and then fleeing the scene in a convertible – presumably hot-footing to your Celesteville embassy before the cops nab you – must be something to treasure.

As one unnamed commentator puts it in the first few seconds of the video, “It’s the fall of Western civilization!” Yes, but what a way to go …

Source: Gamewaste Blog post

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