Star Fox Zero Launch Trailer Shows Off Story, Ships, and More


Watch the Star Fox Zero launch trailer right here.

The launch trailer for Star Fox Zero has been released. It shows main character Fox McCloud putting together the team that he needs to take on the big boss Andross, who intends to take over the galaxy.

As you can see, there are a variety of vehicles available. We also get a good look at gameplay, and a glimpse of how the Wii U gamepad will be used in the game.

There’s also a brief section Project Guard, the Star Fox themed minigame that will be bundled in with the main game. If you buy digitally, you can buy the two separately, but you’ll pay $65 instead of $60 if you do buy both.

If you’re ready for Star Fox Zero, the wait is almost over. It’s set to release in the US this Friday, April 22.

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