The true final episode of Star Trek had the crew of the Enterprise entering a transporter as humans and leaving as Mr. Potato Head dolls.

PPW Toys has unveiled its plans to cement Mr. Potato Head into the hearts of Trekkies/Trekkers everywhere in 2011. Later this year, PPW will release the first duo in its line of Star Trek Mr. Potato Head dolls that feature the likenesses of characters from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Set one logically includes a Mr. Potato Head version of Captain Kirk, and throws in his Klingon nemesis Kor so owners can bump them together for an imaginary fight. Both characters feature those fancy black boots The Original Series‘ cast were always rocking, in addition to unique signature elements.

Kirk comes with beautifully combed hair, a yellow shirt (with communicator), and a Phaser for defense. Mr. Potato Head Kor wears a bowl cut, his pointy facial hair, a golden sash, and has a Disruptor at his side.

Both are pretty sweet collectibles for Star Trek fans. Sticking with the Original Series theme, future sets will feature other characters such as Spock and Lt. Uhura, but PPW Toys business manager Dean Gorby hints that Star Trek: The Next Generation and other series could be up afterward.

The Kirk and Kor set will be priced at $30 and is expected to hit retailers in August 2011.

Source: PPW Toys, via Star Trek, via io9

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