Star Trek Online Reveals Full Federation Ship List


Stand by for nerdgasm! Cryptic has released the full list of Federation ships that will be available in the upcoming MMOG Star Trek Online, which includes science vessels, tactical escort ships and of course the mighty Sovereign class cruiser.

The list of Federation ships is surprisingly meaty, with several based on designs taken from the various Star Trek movies and television series. Their availability to players will be based on rank; the Sovereign class battle cruiser, for instance – better known as the Enterprise E from the Star Trek films First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis, will be restricted to admirals, while the Excalibur class cruiser, based on the Constitution class ships of the original series, should be popular with lower-ranked officers.

While the full lineup of Federation ships has been revealed, little is yet known about the fleets of other races. Two Klingon ships are listed, the massive Vo’Quv and the much smaller Raptor, while on the Romulan side of the coin the only reference is to a blurry, “classified” recon photo of a top-secret ship acquired by Klingon Intelligence.

As a lapsed Trek fan, I don’t find this list particularly exciting; I’m more amped up over the prospect of the no-holds-barred nerdfights it’s bound to inspire. “Standard holoemitters for photonic crew?” Set phasers to outrage!

via: Massively

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