Star Trek Online Timeline Detailed


Cryptic Studios has posted details regarding the timeline for the upcoming MMOG Star Trek Online, which will take place in a “much more volatile” galaxy than we’re used to.

The game will begin in the year 2409, roughly 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and Voyager. Along with the inevitable advances in technology, the galaxy itself is a very different place, as the effects of the events in Nemesis continue to reverberate beyond the Romulan Empire, which has split into two factions. Things have become so bad, in fact, that Romulan Praetor Tal’aura is now accepting food shipments from the Federation, although she refuses offers of assistance with negotiations with the breakaway faction, preferring to play hardball instead by assign the task of retaking the renegade planets to everyone’s favorite Romulan greaseball, Fleet Commander Tomalak.

The Klingons, meanwhile, see opportunity in the Romulan weakness and have begun launching raids into their space, retaking Khitomer and the surrounding sector. The Federation isn’t pleased, but can do little but express that displeasure to the Klingons via diplomatic channels, who respond that they are simply taking back what is rightfully theirs. Tensions are also running high between the Bajorans and the Cardassians as a result of war crimes trials being held by the Bajorans, which the Cardassians appear less than enthusiastic about participating in.

Along with Tomalak, other familiar faces appearing in the game include Ambassador Spock, who is still leading Vulcan/Romulan unification efforts; Ro Laren, who has joined the Bajoran militia and taken over as head of security on Deep Space Nine; and The Doctor – not the Time Lord but the Emergency Medical Hologram, who in response to efforts to have his mobile emitter transferred for study by Starfleet scientists has taken up the cause of rights for artificial life forms.

Aspiring redshirts and would-be starship captains can learn more about the Star Trek Online universe here. No official release date has been set.

Note For Nerds: Even though he appeared in only four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tomalak made a lasting impression as the quintessential Romulan military commander: Intelligent, devious, hot-headed and viciously opportunistic. Ironically, this is probably actor Andreas Katsulas’ best-known role among mainstream sci-fi fans, despite the fact that he spent five years starring on the intergalactic epic Babylon 5 as Narn Ambassador (and later, Centauri punching bag) G’Kar. Sadly, Star Trek Online’s portrayal of Fleet Commander Tomalak will not be fleshed out by Katsulas; he died in February 2006 of lung cancer.

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