e3 2014

Star Wars: Battlefront Makes Its Debut


Star Wars: Battlefront is important to DICE.

Fans of the Star Wars: Battlefront games from last generation have been waiting for this. After the cancellation of Star Wars: Battlefront III in 2009, seeing a teaser at last year’s E3 was a welcome surprise. DICE wanted to get there hands on the Star Wars property the moment EA acquired the rights and within weeks they were committed to working on a new Battlefront. EA’s presentation at E3 this year opened with members from the development team discussing how important this title is to them and the research and work they are putting into it.

There wasn’t much from in-game to see, but what we get is gorgeous. I’m curious how people who weren’t into the original games are feeling about this and I would love to hear it in the comments.

We’ll let you know if we learn anything else.


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