Star Wars Fans Build Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter


The Project X1 Props team will exhibit its half scale Tie Fighter at Star Wars– Celebration Europe in Germany.

If you’re looking for a source of popular iconography, you’ll rarely do better than the original Star Wars trilogy. Of all the imagery those films produced however, you’d be hard pressed to find anything cooler than their space battles. Go ahead and forget the Force. Who needs a lightsaber when you have an X-Wing and a few proton torpedoes? The series as a whole produced an expansive collection of ships and vehicles that remain beloved by fans today. Obviously sharing this affection of Star Wars’ imaginative vehicles, a group of fans invested their time and money to recreate one.

The Project X1 Props team, based in Germany, recently released a video (in German) and photos to show off its gigantic recreation of Darth Vader’s prototype Tie Fighter from Star Wars: A New Hope. Costing more than $20,000 to make, the team’s replica is, amazingly only half the size of what a “real” version would be. Considering how large the finished product is, we can’t blame them for not building it to scale. The group will be publicly unveiling its Tie Fighter in an exhibit at Star Wars- Celebration Europe, which begins today in Messe Essen, Germany.

The Project X1 Props folks aren’t the first group to dedicate their time to the recreation of a Star Wars vehicles. The Full Scale Millenium Falcon Project, based out of Tennessee, received media attention when it revealed its plan to build a full-size version of Han Solo’s famous smuggling ship. While that endeavor still looks to be some way from completion, finished products like Project X1’s Tie Fighter are more than enough to keep us sated. Of course, working versions of these vehicles would be preferable, but seeing as the US government already shot down proposals for a working Death Star, we imagine similar projects might have to remain mere fantasies.

Source: Obvious Winners

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