Star Wars Fans Building Full-Scale Millennium Falcon


She may not look like much, but this thing is going to be huge when it’s finally finished.

What do you do if you’re a die-hard Star Wars nerd with 88 acres of land and time on your hands? You build the Millennium Falcon, of course. And not one of those kits that you put together and set on a table somewhere, either. I’m talking about a full-sized model that’s completely accurate, inside and out, from stem to stern.

Chris Lee is the founder and leader of the Full Scale Falcon project, which seeks to bring the classic Corellian freighter that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs to life in the real world. It’s a big job that’s complicated by the fact that research has shown “little coordination” between the interior and exterior scaling of the ship as it was presented in the films. Using the DK Ultimate Collection blueprints as a guide, the builders have settled on a length of 114 feet, width of 81.485 feet and height, not counting the laser turret, of 24.878 feet.

The project has actually been underway since February 2007, which would seem to cook the time-to-completion estimate of five to seven years, but believe it or not it hasn’t fallen prey to inertia and inactivity. The last blog entry, from August, was an update of the quad gun build, and the Full Scale Falcon Twitter account, while not exactly buzzing with activity, is alive and kicking.

I’m not sure I’d want to bet the farm on the odds that this thing will ever actually be built, but the idea is undeniably cool – and maybe she will hold together after all. You can follow along with the Full Scale Falcon project as it (very slowly) unfolds at

via: MTV Geek

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