In a perfect world, R2-D2 and the Kinect hardware would get along really well.

The Star Wars portion of Microsoft’s ostentatious E3 event announcing Kinect was arguably the coolest moments of the evening. Who hasn’t dreamed of wielding a lightsaber with your real hands and meting out Jedi justice on some unsuspecting Stormtroopers? But since that presentation over a year ago, we’ve only heard a few peeps of what to expect in a Star Wars-themed Kinect game. That is, until this short teaser advertising on Spike TV popped up promising more information at E3 2011.

Ok, so no actual gameplay is shown, and there’s no actual information given other than to expect more reveals at E3, but it’s still entertaining watching R2 interact with Kinect.

The only thing this video is missing is for R2 to extend his multi-tool, if you know what I mean.

Eww, droid love. Gross!

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