Starcraft 2 Gets Unlimited Trial Mode


The new trial version of Blizzard’s best-selling RTS sequel Starcraft 2 will include both single and multiplayer components.

Starcraft 2 already has a demo, but Blizzard has unveiled a new way for people to try the game before putting down their cold, hard cash. Blizzard will offer an unlimited trial, giving potential purchasers the chance to play though a not insubstantial amount of content for free.

The trial, called the Starcraft 2 Starter Edition, includes the first four single player missions, two challenges, and the ability to play as the Terran side in custom multiplayer matches across four multiplayer maps. Players of the Starter Edition will also be able to watch all the replays that they want, although you can only watch them online. You will have to sign up for a account in order to play the Starter Edition however.

Starcraft 2 will be the second Blizzard game to get this kind of unlimited trial, following in the footsteps of World of Warcraft. It’s not a bad way to get people to try your game, and hopefully Blizzard will be able to convert some of those people into paying customers.

Source: Game Informer

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