Steam Begins Treasure Hunt for Free Games and Team Fortress 2 Hats


The Great Steam Treasure Hunt has begun, which tasks users to complete objectives to win free games.

Through December 20, Valve is running a fun Steam promotion that will see many users awarded with free games, and maybe even special Team Fortress 2 hats. The Great Steam Treasure Hunt gives users specific objectives and their completion awards entries into various contests, while certain games associated with the hunt are going on sale too.

For the main treasure hunt, Valve is releasing four new objectives every 48 hours until December 20. Completing an objective will earn a Steam user an entry into a drawing to win 5 games from his/her wishlist, with 20 winners every two days. Finishing 10 total objectives by December 20 and then logging in sometime on that day will enter a user into a drawing to win 100 Steam games of their choosing, with 3 total winners.

Just to make things a little more fun, Valve has thrown in a side-promotion that gives away Team Fortress 2 hats. Completing 5 objectives unlocks a Bounty hat in the game, completing 15 unlocks a Treasure hat, and completing 28, which is every single objective, unlocks the Hat of Undeniable Wealth.

Valve says there’s “no purchase necessary” to win, but it looks like you’ll have to make at least a purchase or ten to enter the bigger contest and hat quest. One of the first four objectives is to simply upload a Steam avatar, but the rest require the ownership of three specific games. They ask users to become a Desert Fox in R.U.S.E., unlock the Iron Curtain in Poker Night at the Inventory, and get a leaderbord score of at least 1,124,400 in easy mode for the “Paul Hartnoll” level in Chime. Future tasks are also likely to involve games.

Thankfully, these games are currently on sale for as much as 75% off. The Great Steam Treasure Hunt is way more clever than just a simple sale, and should be a good lead-in to an upcoming Steam holiday promotion that is hopefully on its way.

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