Steam Machine Pre-Orders Shipping in October

alienware steam machine

Valve has revealed that the first round of Steam Machine pre-orders will ship to gamers on October 16th.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that consoles have over PCs is their ease of use. You buy one, bring it home, plug it in and play. Being a PC gamer comparatively can require technical skills and knowledge that your average rube just doesn’t have. That in mind, things like Valve’s Steam Machines have been a particular source of interest for many gamers. Now, thanks to a new reveal from Valve, those same gamers now know when they can expect the Steam Machines to arrive.

According to the company, the first official Steam Machines will be shipped to pre-order customers on October 16th. They’ll then be buyable in stores a few weeks later on November 10th. The Steam Controller and Steam Link will land in retailers that same day. This first batch of Steam Machines will come from Alienware and CyberPower and range in price from a low of $449 to a high of $749. The Steam Controller and Steam Link will both cost $49. The Steam Machines will be limited to running games with Linux compatibility; about 1,000-1,200 games at launch.

Personally, while I don’t need to buy one right now, I know that I’ll be watching the progress and performance of the Steam Machines with a lot of interest. While I enjoy PC games, I’m not what you’d call computer-savvy. The prospect of a convenient, console-like box that I can just buy and play is, in turn, really attractive to me. What do you think? Do you have a Steam Machine pre-ordered? Or are you waiting to see how well they do and where the idea goes in the future?

Source: Polygon

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