Steampunk 360 Controller is a Real Key-Turner


This awesome pseudo-steampunk Xbox 360 controller is the perfect gift for the discriminating gamer who has everything.

I’m calling it “pseudo-steampunk” because I’m not sure if this thing really qualifies as full-on steampunk, but tired pedantry aside there’s no question that this Xbox 360 controller is mighty, mighty awesome. It sports an admittedly fake but still very nice antique wood grain finish, brass rivets, custom sticks and buttons, soft leather grips – fine Corinthian, perhaps? – and the pièce de résistance, a skeleton key switch that actually works. That’s right, if you want to turn this controller on and use it, you’ve got to pop in the key and give it a twist. Lose the key? Sucks to be you, cowboy.
Then again, whoever buys it is probably going to be extremely careful with the key and everything else involved, too. MorbidStix, the customization outfit that built this little beastie, says a lack of parts means it’ll be the last of its kind and because of that, the asking price is just a wee bit high: $999.99 on eBay. Shipping included!

It’s a beautiful piece, but a thousand bucks for a game controller? Good luck with that.

Source: technabob

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