Steam’s Big Picture Sale Offers Big Discounts on Witcher 3, XCOM 2 and More Until Monday


Steam is offering some big deals on some great games this weekend.

Steam has kicked off their Big Picture sale for this weekend. It features a number of Big Picture friendly titles. Big Picture is the Steam mode that is controller-friendly for those of you who have your PC hooked up to your television.

Also on sale are all of Steam’s hardware products, including the Steam Controller and the Steam Link.

Some of the deals that might catch your eye include:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for $30
  • Doom for $30, or the game with a Steam Controller for $60
  • Rocket League for $15
  • Civilization V for $7.50
  • Cities Skylines for $7.50
  • Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition for $20
  • XCOM 2 for $33

You can see all the deals, both hardware and games, on the Steam Store. The sale ends on Monday, Oct. 3 at 1 PM ET.

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