Steven Spielberg to Produce New Halo Movie Project?


Late last month, word broke that Peter Jackson’s Halo movie project had broken down – but rumors are now flying that the film is back on track with another big-name producer: Steven Spielberg.

Perhaps we should have seen this coming – despite the news that Lord of the Rings visionary Peter Jackson was no longer involved with the Halo film, Microsoft seemed quite insistent that the film was still alive. Plus, we know that Microsoft has a good relationship with the legendary director – he was on stage at E3 2009 to help with the debut of Project Natal, wasn’t he?

Film site IESB says that sources – including talent agency CAA and “studio executives” – have confirmed that Spielberg is currently in talks to produce the project. Spielberg, claims the report, was “blown away” by the script penned by GI Joe: Rise of Cobra writer Stuart Beattie.

Said script reportedly covers the events of the Halo prequel novel The Fall of Reach, about a young boy named John who is taken from his parents at an early age, and is physically modified and well-trained to become a deadly supersoldier with the designation Spartan-117 – better known as the Master Chief. Then those pesky Covenant come into the picture about halfway through the film, and things go pear-shaped from there.

Spielberg is also a big fan of games – he produced Boom Blox, after all – and young Transformers and Indiana Jones star Shia LaBeouf says that the industry veteran was enjoying (and getting stuck in) BioShock.

Now, keep in mind that 1.) these are just rumors, 2.) even if they’re true, Spielberg is just in talks to produce the film, and 3.) even if said talks are successful, he’d just be producing – not directing. Still, the news that the Halo movie project may still have legs should be heartening to some.

(Via Kotaku)

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