If you’re still on the fence about backing STRAFE for some reason, perhaps this pre-alpha demo can change your mind.

If, for some crazy reason, you haven’t backed Pixel Titan’s upcoming 1996 FPS throwback: STRAFE, well, here’s some news that may push you over the fence. The devs have just released a pre-alpha demo, that is 100% free for anyone to download and try! You can get it for PC here, and Mac over here. What are you waiting for?

Oh right, there a few caveats. The demo is essentially broken, and is only a tiny fraction of what your Kickstarterbucks will go towards funding. In the dev’s own words: “It’s pre-Alpha, BROKEN and not representative of the final game. It was custom built in days to get into the hands of streamers. The overwhelming positive response encouraged us to release it to the public. BUT this is A TINY FRACTION and modified version of STRAFE that lacks most final features.”

“We love what we’ve seen. But unfortunately it might not run on your particular computer right now. It might have major bugs, like enemies literally dancing for death. It might begin WWIII after your computer is mistaken on radar for a nuclear warhead.”

It added that some of the game’s major features, such as procedural level generation, AI pathfinding, and even customization options (such as FOV and controls) have not yet been implemented.

Even with these caveats, it’s still a nice way to actually show, rather than tell, people what you’re going to be making.

What’s better is, at time of writing, STRAFE has reached it’s Kickstarter goal, raising $192,071 of the $185,096 it originally asked for, and still having 36 hours left on its campaign.

Source: Kickstarter

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