Stranglehold is Gold For the Xbox 360


John Woo Presents Stranglehold has just gone gold, with a confirmed release date of September 14 for the Xbox 360. Midway Games announced earlier this week it would delaying the release of the PC version until September 18, and the PlayStation 3 release until September 25th.

Stranglehold is from the designers of Psi-Ops and features a “revolutionary” slow-motion shooting style, as well as destructible environments.

Midway Games, Inc. today announced that Stranglehold has gone to gold master for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. Stranglehold is currently scheduled to ship in North America on September 5th for Xbox 360, September 18th for PC and September 25th for PS3. Additionally, Stranglehold is currently slated to ship in Europe on September 14th for Xbox 360, September 21st for PC and October for PS3.

Some early reports on Stranglehold‘s gameplay have indicated concerns regarding the uniqueness of the game. On September 14, the market shall decide for itself whether John Woo’s name and aesthetic, as well as a talented development team spell success for Midway.

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