Study Reveals Consumer Enthusiasm for PS3


According to a study by Los Angeles based Intercept, and running counter to the perception of numorous pundits, nearly 9 million Americans are prepared to spend $500 to $600 for Sony’s Playstation 3.

Based on a sample of 2,000 online interviews, the study reveals that there is far more consumer interest in the Playstation 3 than any other next-gen console. Where the study reveals 8.9 million potential buyers for the PS3, it indicates only 5.7 million consumers prepared to spend $250 for a Nintendo Wii, and only 800,000 consumers that remain willing to buy an Xbox 360 at its current price.

On their study, which was released to Next Generation, CEO Michael Dowling said, “Actual sales will be dictated by supply constraints, but if Sony had enough supply in the marketplace to fulfill demand, Microsoft would have a very difficult time at its current price point.”

The study is an unusual piece of good press for Sony’s launch which has been mired lately by technical difficulties at the Tokyo Game Show and concerns over launch quantities. While Sony seems to be the more anticipated system, Dowling considers Nintendo’s sizable numbers to be a potential spoiler.

National retailer Gamestop began, yesterday, taking preorders on the Playstation 3 which launches in November. Initial reports indicate that the limited quantities were sold out quickly in most locations.

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