Stylish Hard Reset Story Trailer Unveiled


The new Hard Reset story trailer uses comic-book visuals and a gravel-voiced narrator to set up a tale of a hard-drinking, machine-killing defender of humanity who does it for the money.

Let’s be honest about it: “plot” isn’t exactly a priority when it comes to shooters. But eastern European studios have a fine tradition of shoveling it in anyway, which is why we have this stylish two-minute-plus teaser explaining the backstory to Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming FPS Hard Reset.

It seems that the machines have hit an evolutionary wall and are now casting their eyes toward the Sanctuary, a network that holds the digitized personalities of billions of humans, as the next step in the development of their artificial intelligence. Among the protectors of the Sanctuary, and humanity at large, is Fletcher, a major with the Corporation, which appears to be some sort of privately-run commercial megalith that calls the shots in Bezoar City. But he’s no hero – he’s only in it for the money.

The video is actually the game’s opening cinematic and while it may not be the second coming of Keats, it’s always nice to have a little justification for blowing up everything in sight. SFOOOOSH! SPLAAASH! Yeah, that’s good enough for me.

Hard Reset comes out in September, exclusively for the PC.

via: Blue’s News

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