Sucker Punch Would Give “Serious Thought” to Making InFamous 3


A third visit to the world of InFamous isn’t out of the question, according to developer Sucker Punch.

With the release of InFamous 2 drawing ever nearer, developer Sucker Punch is considering where to go next, and says that if Sony wanted it to make another InFamous game, it would be sorely tempted.

Despite years of working on Sony exclusive titles, Sucker Punch is an independent studio and could work on a multiplatform title if it chose to, but it sounds like Sucker Punch co-founder Bruce Oberg is happy with things just the way they are.

Oberg called his studio’s relationship with Sony “incredible,” and said that he considered Sucker Punch fortunate to be able to work with a “top-flight publisher” that let developers make the games they wanted to make. He added that Sucker Punch loved the PlayStation platform, and said that it was a “killer technological platform for [Sucker Punch] to work on.” Oberg said that if Sony were to approach Sucker Punch and ask it to make a third InFamous game, it would give the matter “serious, serious thought.” He thought that publishers that allowed developers to work on new IPs were “few and far between,” and considered not actually owning the InFamous brand a small price to pay for getting the chance to make it.

Presumably, the fate of InFamous 3 will depend on how InFamous 2 sells when it’s released next year.

Source: Eurogamer

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