Summer Is Magical In Battlefield Heroes


To celebrate the most oppressively muggy time of year, EA’s Battlefield Heroes is getting some new recruits, namely wizards.

Normally, Battlefield Heroes is a military-themed, free-to-play online shooter. It borrows the majority of its gameplay tenets from Battlefield 1942 and its sequels, though Heroes’ art style is decidedly more cartoony than its gritty predecessor.

Likewise, the game is more lighthearted than the standard Battlefield series, as evidenced by the otherwise inexplicable appearance of wizards within the game.

The official Battlefield Heroes site heralds the arrival of these magically inclined soldiers, and offers a kayfabe explanation for their presence:

Powerful wizards wielding new powers join the battle!

Wielding devastating arcane powers these highly trained wizards will bring never before seen destruction onto the battlefield.

Become a master of the forbidden arts with Bane’s Toxic set for the Nationals or use powerful arcane magic with Frost’s Biting set for the Royals.

That’s not all! Rumour has it that many centuries ago, two legendary wizards named “Arcane” and “Inferno” were sealed within boxes. The Nationals and Royals have both stumbled upon these boxes with the name “Pandora’s Box” etched into the side. Do you dare to open Pandora’s box and unleash the power of Arcane and Inferno?

So that totally clears it up. Now the wizards showing up in the middle of a World War II analogue totally make sense, right? I mean, obviously they’re after Pandora’s Box. Everyone knows that.

Levity aside, I don’t really care that this doesn’t make any logical sense. The gameplay in that clip up there looks way fun. Combating snipers with miniature black holes? You won’t see those kinds of hinjinks in Modern Warfare 3.

Source: Battlefield Heroes

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