Sunken Combines the Action RPG and Roguelike Genres in One Hardcore Package


Dungeon crawling ARPG / Roguelike Sunken has made its way onto the Steam store.

Our sister site, Addicting Games, is proud to present Sunken, a game that combine elements of the action RPG, and roguelike genres to make something unique.

Your only goal in Sunken is to survive, and that’s a challenge all its own. As you experience the game’s dark story, you’ll have to fight, loot, and craft your way through an eerie, otherwordly dungeon. Loot and monsters are random, so each playthrough will be different.

Sunken puts players to the test with challenging game play. Crafting is extra important, because all your abilities are unlocked by crafting, not by leveling up.

Wondering where the roguelike bit comes in? Well, Sunken was developed by two hardcore gamers who wanted the game to be intense, so they included perma-death. When you die, you lose all your levels and equipment, but you do keep any skills that you have unlocked.

Sunken also features integrated Steam leaderboards, so you can see how you’re doing against your friends.

Sound like something you’d like to play? You can check out Sunken for yourself on its Steam page.

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