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Sony seems to have registered a trademark for Insomniac Games’ Xbox exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. The filing, shared by Nibel on Twitter, suggests that Sony is, in some form, interested in the Insomniac-owned IP. Whether it means we see a sequel, a re-release, or anything at all on PlayStation platforms remains unclear.

A trademark filing is certainly not a guarantee that more Sunset Overdrive is on the way, but things did get interesting when Insomniac veteran Drew Murray rejoined the studio as a principal designer in February. Murray had previously served as director on Sunset Overdrive before moving on to work at Microsoft studio The Initiative.

Sunset Overdrive launched its high-octane third-person action gameplay on Xbox One in 2014 and came to PC a few years later. The game has remained exclusive to those platforms since, but after Sony acquired Insomniac in 2019, a door of possibilities burst open. Again, a trademark filing is far from any official confirmation that Sunset Overdrive 2 is on the way, but there is certainly hope that PlayStation players will eventually get their hands on something from that universe.

Meanwhile, Insomniac has kept itself busy with content for PlayStation players since 2018 with the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Its standalone superhero follow-up, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 last year, and next month, we’ll get to see what the studio can do with its PlayStation 5 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. If Sunset Overdrive 2 is in the works, it will likely be some time before we see it, so let’s hope PlayStation players can get some sort of remaster in the meantime.

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