Super Harmony: The Superhero Version of eHarmony

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Team Unicorn is back, this time showing off a website that lets ordinary folks make a romantic connection with DC Comics characters.

These days, a lot of TV channels in the U.S. are overrun with ads for dating sites like eHarmony, and This isn’t all that surprising: Online dating is pretty big business (in 2010, the industry was valued at $4 billion). As a result, Team Unicorn has created its own online dating commercial for “Super Harmony”, a parody of eHarmony that features stories of how normal people were able to find love with comic book icons.

The video features romantic success stories for characters Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Poison Ivy. Basically, someone shows up on camera, talking about why they decided to use an online dating service, and then they’re shown with the person they were matched with. Personally, my favorite bit is when Lex Luthor is talking about how he desperately wants to kill Superman and his girlfriend, Jenny, does a finger walk up his shoulder.

Team Unicorn even went so far as to create a site for Super Harmony, complete with a questionnaire that (theoretically) would let you find your perfect comic book match. Unfortunately, there’s no match generator at the bottom of the survey, but maybe Team Unicorn will provide an update that will make the site a little more interactive.

Source: Super Harmony via Trixie’s Twitter Account

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