Super Mario Happy Meals Arriving at McDonalds UK


Super Mario is headed back to the McDonald’s toy circuit, much to the delight of children and nostalgic adults.

I haven’t eaten a McDonald’s Happy Meal in a very long time, but if I had to remember when I especially looked forward to one, it was usually due to the toys. More specifically, the Super Mario Bros. 3 1989 Happy Meal toy line, born from a 1989 partnership with Nintendo from which more recent international editions have followed. Most Super Mario fans likely remember those original toys with fond nostalgia, which I expect will drive sales of McDonald’s upcoming Happy Meal deal. A promotional ad for the McDonald’s Advantage Club in the United Kingdom is teasing a new Happy Meal to help kids “Run, Jump and Power Up” that will likely be unveiled this March.

The ad doesn’t offer any information on what toys might come with the Happy Meal, but it’s safe to say they will be inspired by Super Mario 3D World‘s characters and feline costumes. At the very least, it could return attention back to Nintendo’s franchises, something the company would hope for following its recent financial difficulties. Personally, I’m just curious to see whether these deals extend beyond the UK and whether they’ll be a bigger hit with kids or nostalgic adults.

Source: Nintendo Life, via Gamespot

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