Super Meat Boy the Main Course of XBLA Game Feast


Microsoft is inviting everyone to chow down on the fall Game Feast, featuring Super Meat Boy as a healthy last bite.

The noticeably meat-less Xbox Live Arcade won’t be as healthy at the end of Microsoft’s fall Game Feast. Announced today was a lineup of four games that make up the XBLA event that starts on September 29.

Sadly, the Game Feast isn’t like the Summer of Arcade that offered free Microsoft points for purchasing either 3 or 5 XBLA titles. The Game Feast is just four weeks of releases that end on a meaty note.

Starting off the Feast on September 29 is Hydrophobia, an action-adventure game that developer Dark Energy Digital is incorporating its “HydroEngine” technology into, which is said to produce water that realistically interacts with the environment for a different experience every time you play. It takes place in an over-populated near-future world on a city-sized ship of the wealthy elite. Engineer Kate Wilson must make her way through the flooding vessel while engaging in what Dark Energy calls “flow combat.”

October 6 will see the release of Comic Jumper, Twisted Pixel Games’ follow up to previous efforts The Maw and ‘Splosion Man. The game’s big-headed protagonist will have to fight through various comic genres such as manga and the silver age in an attempt to save misguided plot lines from financial failure.

Next up is Pinball FX 2 which will be released the following week on October 13. Pinball FX 2 will graphically upgrade all tables released for Pinball FX for free, and also include four new tables. Yeah, it’s pinball, but as far as pinball goes you could do a lot worse, and FX 2 will be a free download so players can try out all the tables before deciding to make a purchase.

The main course will be the long-awaited Super Meat Boy, releasing on October 20. Super Meat Boy is not only a great way to end this promotion, but a meaty platformer with 300 levels, 15 playable indie characters, many game modes, 16 minutes of animated cutscenes, “epic” boss fights, and an exclusive XBLA chapter called “Teh internets.” Its gameplay trailers look more than a little insane, showing the game’s main character, a piece of meat, making his way through buzz saws and wall-jumping like there’s no tomorrow. But if meat isn’t your thing, maybe one of the other games can whet your whistle instead.

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